Are You Getting

The Most Out Of

Your AVL Provider?

Is your AVL provider giving you their best, or are they taking your business for granted? You deserve to work with an AVL provider who will elevate your event through a collaborative approach and commitment to excellence.
To determine if your AVL partner is performing at a high industry standard, ask yourself these simple questions:
Concert venue outfitted with audio, video and lighting from CTS AVL


with CTS

Let us help refine your creative vision and achieve your content goals.

Does Your Current AVL Provider do this?

Does your current AVL provider treat each event as a new opportunity to bring your vision to life? Or are they more focused on selling you the same package, time and time again?
Here are a few things you can expect from CTS:

Designed From Scratch

We design your AVL to ensure it aligns with your brand, addresses your event goals, and fits within your budget. We don’t use a cookie-cutter pattern for our clients; we treat each event as a unique opportunity to create something impactful with you.

Thorough Planning

No matter if the event is hosted in our studio or at a venue of your choosing, we coordinate and plan out each step from load-in to load-out.

Execute AVL to a tee

We execute each aspect of your event – audio, video and lighting – flawlessly and thoughtfully. You can rely on our team of experts to diligently prepare every detail so you can focus on your event.

See For Yourself

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Are You Happy with your AVL Provider?

When it comes to live events, a dialed-in AVL vendor is an absolute necessity. If comfort turns to complacency, the quality of the production can suffer. In order to make every event a success, you need an AVL partner who is dedicated to delivering on your vision every single time.

To determine if your AVL partner is performing how they should be, ask yourself these simple questions: