Audio and Lighting Considerations that Can Make or Break Your Event

Published on: Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 12:25pm

Audio and Lighting Considerations <span> that Can Make or Break Your Event </Span>

Securing the audio and lighting equipment for your event may be as simple as contacting event production companies and reviewing bids until you find a partner who can fit your budget. While this is a great way to find a cost-effective AVL partner, it may not be the best tactic for producing a top-tier event. It cannot be overstated: there is no small decision when it comes to your event. While some aspects have a greater impact than others, every decision will play a role in your event’s success. Everything from your lighting design to the event technology will have a tremendous impact on the success of the event – in both the eyes of your production team as well as the audience. Read on for our recommendations on best practices for implementing audio and lighting elements into your event.

All By Design

The lighting design will have a significant impact on your event both from the audience’s perspective and behind the scenes. Lighting that’s configured effectively can transform an event from good to great. Additionally, the lighting design will dictate the equipment needed to execute the experience, which will impact the budget for your event as a result.

Staying on budget is vitally important to any key stakeholder producing the event – regardless of if you are a promoter running a business or a non-profit organization looking to use surplus revenue in service of a greater mission. With smart financial planning, you can convince primary decision-makers that your event was a success because you 1) stayed within your designated budget and 2) generated enough revenue to more than offset the cost. Thankfully, many lighting packages are built around being affordable while still providing beautiful and engaging lighting.

Event production companies know that audience experience drives the entire business. Through their technical prowess, experienced event production companies strive to run a smooth event with flawless execution so the client can focus on the content of the event. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a musical performance, the lighting design should not be a distracting element or detract from the message. Instead, it should elevate the experience by making the audience feel more connected to what’s happening on stage.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember the purpose of the lighting – it’s to help you achieve your end result and have an impact. If you get too hung up on acquiring a certain fixture or ensuring a technical feature is available, you may risk losing sight of the overarching objective: creating a design that keeps the focus on the content.

Listen Well

Your audience is there to see the speaker or performer. Event technology should only strengthen the authentic connection between the person(s) on stage and the audience. The sound equipment is the most important technical aspect of creating this kind of engaging, intimate experience – and experienced, agile audio engineers play a primary role in making this happen.

 Audio engineers have a critical role in the overall success of a live event: they must correctly account for the different instruments on stage, be cognizant of microphones and amplification, ensure the band members or various speakers on stage can hear each other, and provide a uniform auditory experience for attendees in the front row and the back row. When you produce an event, you’re not just relying on the event technology to add value to the experience – you’re also counting on reputable technicians to manage the equipment effectively. When choosing your AVL partner, seek out a company with a seasoned team who keeps your goals at the center of their work.

We Can Handle It

CTS is more than capable of handling all of the intricacies of your event. From creating and executing a lighting design that highlights the performance to assembling a sound system that will keep the audience engaged and connected, we are prepared to elevate your event. If you feel we are the right AVL partner for you, reach out today and we can discuss the possibilities.

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