How to Choose Your Design and AV Integration Partner

Published on: Monday, June 24, 2024 - 11:52am

How to Choose Your <span> Design and AV Integration Partner </span>

Having the right AV integration partner makes a huge difference. Your audio, video, lighting, and acoustic systems need to function harmoniously so that you can effectively reach your audience – whether it’s a congregation in a sanctuary, thousands of sports fans packed in an arena, or anything in between.

Here are some key considerations when choosing your AV integration team.

Look For Project Management Skills

A project manager is invaluable. They can streamline planning, create clear communication channels, optimize time and resources, and provide peace of mind when helping you integrate your AV.

AV integration requires meticulous planning and coordination – that’s where a project manager comes in. Find a design and integration partner who can demonstrate expertise and professionalism when it comes to tight timelines, complex logistics, and collaboration with your staff.

Prioritize Creativity

One big oversight that many design and integration teams make is focusing too much on the technical aspects of a project and not enough on the creative ones.

Your project is unique, and you need an AV integration expert who not only understands your vision, but can create the distinct solutions that make it a reality. Rather than merely offering their standard package, your AV integration partner should be willing to ideate, expound upon your creative concepts, and hone in on the most suitable plan for your project. The more time you have with your AV integration team to understand their level of experience with creativity, brainstorming, and strategizing, the more confident you’ll be with the final outcome.

Insist on Client Focus

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are not a priority to the team you have hired for a job. Your AV integration partner should be excited to help you breathe life into your vision. They should actively demonstrate a desire to have an ongoing, long-term partnership.

If you get a sense that the firm you hired is distancing from your team post-project and has a “our work is done here” mentality, that’s a red flag. Seek out a company that you are confident will provide technical support even after the completion of the install. An ideal AV integration partner will operate with a client-centric mindset and will walk with your team step by step throughout the installation process.

Demand Expertise

Perhaps the most crucial aspect in choosing an AV integration partner is a proven track record of successful projects. If these past projects have similar aspects to your current one, that’s even better.

Thoroughly review each company’s portfolio and assess the quality of their work. Determine if they have a team of skilled technicians, engineers, and designers who really know their craft. Doing so will save you valuable time, money, and resources.

AV Integration for Your Space

Creativity. Client Focus. Expertise. These qualities will help you transform the empty canvas of your project and/or space into a completed project.

CTS AVL can help your space reach its full potential. Whether you need a project manager to oversee operations or creative input during the design process, we work with you from initial ideation through completion of the installation to provide support and expertise. Contact us today to learn more.

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