Live Event Production in Cool Springs, TN

Create an Unforgettable Impact

Live events are transformative. Every moment matters. That’s why so many leading performers, speakers, churches and organizations in Cool Springs turn to CTS for their most valuable live events. We know how critical it is to be heard and to connect with each and every attendee. Wherever you gather your people, you can count on us to make sure you reach them.

Intimate worship services, large-scale conferences, multi-city concert tours – no matter the type or size of your event, we will design, build and engineer the AVL so you can have a real impact on your audience. Some of our live event production capabilities include:

  • Full sound board integration with an engineer
  • System optimization and streamlining
  • LED walls
  • Automated lighting and lighting design
  • Conceptual design and 3D rendering

We prepare relentlessly, as though every last detail matters – because it does. Our customized system packaging comes from our extensive product range and is designed for the specific needs of your project, not from a stock list. We’re optimized to get you in and out of venues on time and on budget.

Sound. Lights. Video. Transformation.

In Cool Springs, there’s a high bar for live event production. Audiences expect to be entertained, impacted and inspired.

That’s where CTS comes in. We are a creative event technology company specializing in inspired live experiences that connect people to something greater than themselves. We design, engineer and build for impact. Our goal is simple: to engage, unite and move people. From events to environments, we create the space for you to move the room.

We provide whatever it takes to make any live event a purposeful and powerful experience. Multi-city or multi-campus, conference or church service, anytime or anywhere – we’ll be there for the events that matter to you.

It was the love of live music that got us into this business, and it’s the love of the live experience that propels us out of bed every day. When people gather for a live experience, something miraculous happens. People are connected, empowered, and moved. This kind of shared, purpose-driven experience transcends the definition of a “performance” or an “event.” It is a catalyst for unification, hope, and inspiration – and this is something we are honored to witness every single time.

We’d love to help you make an impact with your live experience here in Cool Springs.

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