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Whether your current church AVL integration is ready for an upgrade or you are undertaking new construction, CTS has the track record to help your worship space flourish.

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Your church AVL integration is an unsung hero in your worship space. The sermon and music must come through crystal clear for the congregation. With many churches looking for ways to reduce waste, they are more reliant than ever on having projection and video capabilities to guide their congregation through service or augment it in some way. Having AVL integration that is up to the task is quickly becoming a necessity for churches.

When you think of church AVL integration, you may become nervous that it will be seen as flashy or an unnecessary luxury. While it is true that AVL integrations require significant capital upfront, the idea that they are unnecessary could not be further from the truth. A church AVL integration is an investment that will help foster an immeasurable return. Your integration is a tool that helps you to form a tight bond with your congregation.

You know how important it is to form authentic connections with your flock. Your AVL integration will go a long way to facilitating that, so long as it is functioning properly. If you find yourself needing to overcome technical difficulties just to get through your service, you may want to consider an upgrade. Equipment is fairly simple to replace but an upgrade can present its own unique set of challenges.

When upgrading an existing church AVL integration, you will need to have your system designed around the existing space. While some adjustments can be made with little construction, such as acoustic treatments. Anything beyond that may require some extensive remodeling in order to correct all of the audio issues your church may have.

There are advantages to designing your church AVL integration from scratch as a part of new construction. You will be able to shape the room in a way that optimizes the acoustics as well as sightlines. This ensures that your flock will be able to fully engage with the sermon and participate as they are called upon to do so. This only strengthens the bond among your congregation, creating a stronger community each week.

No matter where your church finds itself — in need of an upgrade or a design for a new space — you will want to be confident that you are working with an AVL integration provider with a proven track record.

CTS has provided church AVL integration services across the country, bringing congregations closer together in the process. We approach every upgrade and installation with technical expertise and a reverent understanding as to how important the space is to the people who visit it.

If you are considering the next steps for your church AVL integration, reach out to discuss what a partnership with CTS would look like for your church.

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