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In today’s world, your business consistently needs fresh, engaging content in order to generate brand awareness and compete well. However, keeping up with this pace requires an infrastructure that many businesses can’t build into their internal processes. Your company needs access to a studio space that offers the equipment and know-how to produce content that can be utilized in multiple ways to promote your brand.
Live event lighting and audio supplied by CTS AVL


with CTS

Our guide will walk through each phase of your project and highlight how a studio space — along with a knowledgeable crew at your disposal — can elevate both the content creation process and the final product.

What Does CTS Bring to the Table?

Churches require different AVL solutions according to the desired environment of the worship space. Because of this, every church needs an AVL partner that can create a plan that aligns with leadership’s specific vision for the space. Here are a few things you can expect from CTS:

to You

We design, build, and integrate AVL solutions into your space that align with your church’s culture, address your goals, and fit within your budget. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach for our clients; we treat each project as a unique opportunity to create something impactful with you.


We will work alongside your staff and contractors to ensure no details are missed and your vision is achieved.

About Quality

We work diligently and thoughtfully through your upgrade to ensure installation is executed flawlessly in each aspect of your system: audio, video, lighting, and acoustics. You can rely on our team of experts to execute on your creative vision and to be there from start to finish.
Live event studio filming supplied by CTS AVL

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The studio

Use our guide to elevate your content creation process.