The Value of Studio-Produced Content Beyond Traditional Broadcast

Published on: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - 3:09pm

<span>The Value of Studio-Produced Content</span> Beyond Traditional Broadcast

We have all seen the talk show or interview broadcast from a live studio. This technique is so pervasive and effective that the studio environment has become cemented in the minds of many creators as the filming place for that type of content.

However, identifying a fully-equipped production studio solely as a traditional broadcast space is like calling the Batmobile an SUV. While the studio remains the perfect location for traditional broadcasting, it offers so much more. The production services housed at a leading studio can bring practically any brand, organization, individual, or message to a higher, more influential, and amplified place. Let’s explore what a production studio brings to the table.

Vast Content Possibilities

Speaking of the table, let’s move beyond the interview-style content that a production studio can provide and consider additional, outside-the-box possibilities. Instead of using your camera or phone for capturing advertising content, the studio environment is ripe for use in this space. High-quality lighting and audio make for more engaging clips and photos, which can also be used on social media to drive engagement. Experiment with lighting design and color to achieve shots you simply could not on your own.

In fact, due to the size and dynamic nature of the studio space, you can showcase large products and even vehicles. The CTS studio, for example, is capable of highlighting full-size SUVs with innovative lighting. When you opt to leverage the studio environment to film commercials, you open a myriad of creative possibilities that simply don’t exist on a traditional production site.

Speaking of new and innovative video content, an LED wall provides a portal to virtually any place on the planet. You can use this versatile and customizable backdrop to make it appear as though you’re deep in the jungle, on top of a skyscraper, strolling through the desert, or walking the streets of your favorite city. While adding this incredibly immersive visual element to your content, you will also save the time and resources required to travel to various filming locations.

Finally, corporate video production is seriously lacking in the majority of companies and organizations. Tired, uninspiring animations and text-only presentations practically put employees to sleep during training. Instead, invigorate your team and demonstrate your commitment to meaningful prep materials by filming your internal videos in the studio. Corporate video production can be compelling. Don’t settle for less.

Why You Need a Production Studio

So, the studio environment can help your organization create various types of content. But is it worth it? The short answer is: yes.

The true value of a production studio lies not in what it can produce, but how it can produce what you need. The elevated technology used in the studio — professional lighting, speakers, microphones, LED volume, monitors, and hard set capabilities, to name a few — creates a higher-quality final product. Furthermore, the technical expertise of the professionals operating said equipment ensures an additional degree of clarity and impact on the content.

By utilizing a technical team that specializes in studio content, you also gain access to the creative input and ideation garnered by years of experience. The intangibles that a seasoned videographer or audio engineer brings to the recording process cannot be overstated.

All of these advantages can also come at a lower cost thanks to the versatility of a full-size LED wall. By leveraging the ability to shoot from various virtual “locations,” you save the time and money required to transport your equipment and crew off-site. Capture all the content you need in just a day or two – from one central space.

All in all, using a production studio to obtain whatever type of content your company, church, or brand requires will result in a more distinguished, finely-tuned product that will reflect positively on your organization.

Your Production Partner

We are proud to offer two state-of-the-art studios, an isolated control room, an experienced team of technicians, and the largest 1.9mm LED wall in Nashville. Save time and money and expand your creativity by coming to the CTS studio for your next project. Give us a call at 615.337.8808, or connect with us online.

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