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Have a story to tell or an idea to share? Record your keynote speech, company meeting, or music video from the CTS Main Stage.
Live event produced with audio, visuals and lighting from CTS

the Passion

In your 


We have the facilities and expertise to explore your project’s creative possibilities:

Providing the Expertise You Need

Discover resources to help your project thrive:

Dynamic Studio Spaces

With space to host both a live audience and digital scenery, our sound stage and main stage are primed to provide the right setting for your project.

Staff That Specializes

Our techs specialize in their craft. They are passionate about their work and relish opportunities to use their skills in service of your project.

Equipped Control Room

Based in Nashville, CTS is right in the thick of a cultural and creative hub of top-tier production and entertainment firms. We love channeling that energy into the projects we book.
live event audio and lighting control from CTS


with CTS

Let us help refine your creative vision and achieve your content goals.
blog from CTS on Studio preparation
blog from CTS on Studio preparation

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