Top Tips for Church Stage Lighting

Published on: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 4:17pm

Top Tips for Church <span>Stage Lighting</span>

Church stage lighting is very nuanced, even by industry standards. Church stage design must be tasteful enough for worship while still creating an engaging environment for the congregation. The church AV system should be dialed in so that the pastor is clearly visible and accessible throughout the entire service. 

Church stage lighting often falls into one of two categories: (1) simple and/or bordering on stale, or (2) overdone and distracting. While the former is safe and easy to maintain and the latter has its moments, the extreme version of either is not typically serviceable as a weekly approach. Here are a few lighting tips that will make the most of your church stage design.

Give Yourself Room

As you are developing your church stage lighting, ensure there is room to expand and contract. That is, don’t set up a lighting plot that only has one flavor. Aside from the general wash lighting used for weekly services, you’ll likely need to create other lighting design options for a variety of events, such as concerts and weddings. Don’t let your lighting live on autopilot. Give yourself flexibility so that the lighting can meet the moment.

Restraint On Effects

When you first install your lighting console, it can be very tempting to take it for a spin. There are advantages to this as you get comfortable. Your lighting techs can learn the board’s full capabilities and familiarize themselves with its functionality. However, this practice should be left to when the room is empty where any mistake or issue can be addressed and noted. 

When the congregation has gathered, it becomes a different story entirely. You don’t want to employ an immense array of lighting effects during the service simply because the tech is still mastering the console. A specific service might call for a more robust light show, so having knowledge of the church stage lighting’s capabilities will come in handy in those moments. However, it is much better to begin with restraint and loosen up should the program call for it.

Plan Ahead

It’s also imperative to have a plan in place beforehand. Your technician should always put in time prior to Sunday’s services to understand what movements will take place on stage so that the church stage lighting aligns with all the cues in the service. Preparation will help avoid any mishaps or delays, as well as exemplify the professionalism and quality of your production team. By having a clear understanding of the expectations of the service and a thorough knowledge of the church stage design, you can create a sanctuary with effective and impactful lighting.

Your Church AV Partner

Whether you are building a new worship space or need to update your current church AV system, CTS can help put your church in the best position to create an impactful atmosphere. As believers in relentless preparation and a design-build approach to AVL integration, our team of experienced professionals will fulfill your creative vision by intentionally curating your AVL systems to create an engaging space. If this sounds like the type of partnership your church could benefit from, let’s start a conversation today.

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