Where To Spend Your Production Budget

Published on: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 2:49pm

Where To Spend Your <span>Production Budget</span>

Live events are a fantastic way to showcase your brand. You can demonstrate a product’s value to consumers, conduct a companywide employee training, execute a business conference, or  host an entertainment act, to name a few. Live productions enable human connection, help amplify your message, and offer an engaging experience to your audience.

Once you have your vision for your event finalized, you’ll need to decide how best to allocate your budget. Do you book a high-profile act to headline your event? Do you create an intricate multimedia presentation to display for attendees? There are several questions at the outset of a live production, with the most pressing of all being: what do I do with my budget?

Event production companies are the first experts you should contact once you have committed to hosting a live event. The production services you choose will dictate the ease and ultimately the success of your event. Here are some tips on where it is best to spend your production budget.

Key Qualities of Your AVL Partner

Regardless of the nature of your event, there are some key characteristics to look out for that will ensure that your program is primed for success.

  • A Team of Professionals: Seek out a production company that is known for its punctuality and professionalism. Your event production company will take up the majority of your budget so you will want to be confident that your event crew is a group of experienced professionals who will arrive on time, show respect for you and/or your client, and deploy the equipment package that was agreed upon.
  • Focused and Detail-Oriented: You will also want a production company that is locked in on your vision, focused on executing well, and technically proficient. Whether it’s noticing a small issue with the talent’s mics or taking the time to load in the gear in a clean, efficient manner, attention to detail from your event production company can mean the difference between multiple mishaps and an entirely flawless day.
  • Ask Questions About Your Event: One positive indicator that your production company is seasoned and respected is if the production team asks a thorough list of questions before your event. This demonstrates their concern for your event goals, your creative vision, and your budget. An event production company that wants to gather as much information as possible from you will likely best achieve your event objectives. You can find an AVL partner who will sell you the cheapest equipment package anywhere – it’s the production firms that seek to fully understand your mission that will succeed at producing a stellar live event.

The Ideal Equipment Package

After labor, the AVL equipment for your event will take the next largest slice of your budget. This is where having an experienced AVL provider will pay dividends. If you want to have an over-the-top event, they can make that happen.

However, most events don’t require the AVL setup of an arena tour. An experienced crew will know how to maximize their equipment through stage design to create an engaging atmosphere. Not only will this help hold the focus of those in attendance but it will also allow your AVL provider to be thoughtful in the equipment they use, utilizing (and charging) only for what is necessary to execute the event.

Experience Pays Off

Working with an experienced AVL provider simply allows your event to run smoothly. Can any AVL provider promise it will go off without a hitch? No; there are so many variables at play on the day of an event that no responsible AVL provider can promise everything will go perfectly.

However, our relentless preparation allows our team to be proactive when plans change and pivot when the unpredictable occurs. CTS can promise that we will utilize our decades of experience and attention to detail to design and execute an event that fulfills your vision. We will arrive prepared for anything at load-in and every action we take will be in the best interest of your event.

Reach out to discuss if we are the right fit for your event.

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