Spot the Signs of an Aging AVL System

Published on: Monday, September 18, 2023 - 3:27pm

Spot the Signs of an <span>Aging AVL System</span>

Your AVL system is what connects your message to your audience. It’s more than a collection of cables and gear – it is the transmitter of sounds and ideas. If your commercial audio system or visual technology begins to age, it can do more harm than good by signaling your lack of commitment to quality equipment and operations. Therefore, spotting the signs of an aging AVL system can help you stay in front of any unanticipated issues, retain a positive connection with your audience, and focus more intently on the content itself. Here’s what to look for.

Diminished Quality

As with most things that begin to age, quality is the first element to go. If your AVL system starts to exhibit symptoms of lower quality output, it can be a clear sign that it’s time to repair or replace the system.

Examples of diminished audio quality include crackling or popping, dropped signals, static, lack of clarity in the high- or low-end, and uneven levels across various speakers. On the visual side of things, dead pixels, reduced color accuracy, and inconsistent display of images are dead giveaways that your system is aging past its functional lifespan.

Decreased Functionality

In addition to the reduction in quality that is often visible with aging equipment, the versatility and functionality of said equipment often suffers over time as well. For example, lights may gradually be unable to reach their full brightness and speakers their full frequency range. Front-of-house gear essential to live production may begin to require more shutdown and startup time. Software interfaces may be more prone to freezes, shutdowns, and delays.

As these decreases in functionality begin to necessitate higher maintenance costs, the value of a new and improved AVL system becomes even more apparent.

Gradual Obsolescence

Perhaps the most frustrating sign of aging systems, particularly in the church AV environment, is gradual obsolescence. As equipment continues to get more powerful and streamlined each year, older models rapidly become antiquated. Over time, more adapters and splitters are needed to make use of the old system. When new software is introduced, the systems might be completely incompatible.

As the connectivity and operating procedures change, you will find yourself spending more time getting systems of various ages to “talk” to each other, which inhibits your ability to focus on the live production at hand. This symptom of aging equipment robs your team of creative capacity and time.

Upgrade Your AVL System

If your AVL system is beginning to age, it can bog down your entire operation. The added investment to revamp and rejuvenate your setup will likely pay for itself in reclaimed time, reduced stress, and a better final product. Don’t allow your audience to experience less than the full potential of your message by clinging to aging equipment.

At CTS, we help churches and organizations of all sizes and styles build customized, impactful AVL systems that fit their congregations and budgets while exceeding expectations. Our team has the technical savvy and experience to design and build a church AV solution that is tailored uniquely to you.

Get in touch with our team at 615.337.8808. We’d love to discuss the exciting possibilities that an updated AVL system can bring to the table.

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